Friday, December 24, 2010

Why manicured?

Pedicured just didn't sound right!

I do my own manicure, but leave the pedicures in the hands of an expert. My longtime nail tech at Hoala Aveda, Satoko Kubota, does a marvelous job.

Right now, my tips are Essie Pama - supposedly looks like pomegranate - a flattering dark, dark red. The toes are Opi Glitzerland, a cool gold; plus glittery edges.

Many librarians wear colorful pedicured toes. An informal survey turned up lots of green and blue, plus some dark red, and lots of added decorations.

If my bare nails looked better, I would not polish them.

Still, I would NOT be the Naked Librarian.

The holidays are meant for sharing time with friends and loved ones. I hope you are all doing so. Mele Kalikimaka to all of you!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A new beginning

I had another blog that covered four years, from 2006 to a few months ago. It went the way of all things. I don't mourn it. I only wish those who administered it the best. And, like Bradda Iz, I am Facing Future.

I'm not working right now, though I would love to, and that leaves plenty of time for thought, reading and creation.

I'm thinking about writing, and look! Here it is.

I've been reading this series, starting backwards by reading the last first. Typical! It's about an official in Heian Japan, and the mysteries he gets involved with. More than that, it's about the life and culture of that time. I love learning about places and times so far from my own. The author also gives her main character both a mind and all the human frailties we share. I've just started reading the first, the Masuda Affair Dragon Scroll, in the series!

I just finished Toast by Nigel Slater, his memoir of food and family in UK. Yes, I had to look up words not even in the glossary provided in the US version. And I enjoyed it. You'll just have to wait until I return it, as it's the ONLY copy in the HI state library system. You can borrow his Kitchen Diaries - as I've returned it - a wonderful book about eating what is local and in season, and barring that - what is good that you can find in the markets, even if it's from another continent. And it's home cooking. No molecular gastronomy here. I first learned of KD through reading this lovely blog. Visit it if you have the time. You won't regret it.

Creation: what inspires creativity? For me, it's often economics. I see something beautiful and can't afford it - earrings or a necklace. I was in a craft store and saw lovely beads, and knew I could make something with them. And I did. That little bout of creativity resulted in 5 pairs of earrings. I sent off one pair as a gift yesterday, and wore another to play Santa, delivering other gifts. I hope those folks enjoy my other creativity; I made curried ratatouille and I know the recipients enjoy vegetables as much as I do. I taste something or read about it, and can't afford the luxury of paying for it all the time.

This blog, then, is about thinking, reading, health, beauty and sustenance. And experiences - good music, a thought-provoking play or art exhibit, many questions but few answers.

I'll address the manicured part in the next post, as some will choose to avoid it.

So, welcome, readers! Do you cook? If not, you surely EAT! Food is not only sustenance, but love, sharing, a celebration of what's in season.

Please comment here. If you don't, what is the point of reading and telling me elsewhere that you did?

It's even better if you disagree with something I've written! I love a lively dialogue!

- Soos