Monday, January 31, 2011

Otis but no Milo

Who hasn't seen the film about the adventures of those two?

The first time they passed me, I hissed: "Leash law!" DH reminded me of this a few days ago. That was before we realized Otis could not possibly pounce on anyone, and you would feel his slobber on you way before he was anywhere close to biting you.

Otis is attracted to the DH, and his statuesque owner tells us this is because her father used to smoke cigars. (When we are out for a walk, DH inevitably has a cigar along for the stroll.) I hope this is true, and that it's not because DH resembles the aforementioned father!

Like his movie namesake, leashless Otis shuffles along like the seasoned pug that he is, and his most endearing trait is that he tilts his head and cocks his ear when he looks at you with those soulful eyes. I will say the only time he's more interested in me than in cigar-scented DH is when we meet up on the street after we've had an alfresco picnic dinner in the park.

This has been the final post in a series of three.

Dog Story 3

BTW, my hidden talent is animal impersonations, and I do a terrific "Otis" - if I do say so, myself. When I do this, the DH laughs out loud, which is my goal. And my true aim in life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About my husband's girlfriend

Her name is Rosie, and she has the brightest eyes. She may have a better wardrobe than me - a lot more sweaters, for sure. She gets SO excited when she sees the DH.

Her favorite foods are cantaloupe and fried chicken skin(!)

Usually, when she sees the DH, she ignores me. But sometimes she'll sniff at him and lift her pink ears. He's REALLY hurt when this happens, and she wants to lick my hand instead of his!

I jokingly told him Rosie is his girlfriend. Now, if he sees her across the street, he tells me, "I have to say hello to my gf!"

Rosie is a Maltese of a certain age, and her parents usually wheel her around either in a baby stroller, or her own buggy with a canopy. I wasn't even sure she could walk until I recently saw her on her own 4 feet.

I guess you can call this Dog Story 2.

Dog Story 3 to come...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doggone it!

When I leave for a walk around my neighborhood after dinner, I usually take the stairs. I go past the open door of the single guy in the 1BR - sometimes he bakes cookies! I pass the elevator and trash chute, go beyond the closed door of the mystery neighbor 1BR single guy I've only seen twice since he moved in months ago. On past the 2BR open door of the cops with his and hers SUVs; the DH says the guy cop is retiring soon. In an aside the guy said, "After 5 years retired they usually die." Aiyah! A grim prospect. Once we were in the elevator; I saw he had McDonald's. He said, "Salad. SHE requested it!" OK!

The last unit is a studio with a single guy. Last week I went past his closed door and it BARKED at me. I looked and saw this.

About barking, the description says "not every time somebody walks by!" Maybe. It's barked twice at me, and not just "Arf", but "ROWFROWFROWFROWF!!!" loudly.

Note that it comes with a "wardrobe", so I can look forward to seeing different "outfits" for Easter, July 4, Halloween, Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas.

Tell me what you think of this, as I just may be in the minority! Then I will describe what he had on his door for the past holiday season.

Monday, January 10, 2011

On privacy

This alert came to me via another blogger. This is the original blog post on how a site is mining information about you.

I feel it's worth passing forward, as I found myself and another family member listed. Please read, as you too, may find data and photos of yourself you'd prefer weren't displayed so blatantly.

Then this link will direct you to another blogger's post with pointers on how to remove your information.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

I am the Manicured Librarian, and I abuse my books.

I dog ear the page corners, and break their little spines if I have to get them to behave! Sometimes I'll highlight sentences, even paragraphs. I'll even underline!

Of course, I would never do this to LIBRARY books or those lent to me. Those are SACRED, and returned with pages and backbones intact!

Which is why it's better if I buy my own books when I know I'll want to read them over and over, or refer to them again. I could take them to the beach and bring them home full of sand. Or cry over the sad parts, my tears dampening them, even blurring the ink.

So, I'm truly upset that the DH has lent my book - MY BOOK - Ben: A Memoir, from Street Kid to Governor, former Hawaii governor Cayetano's autobiography - to someone who misplaced it. Then someone else found it and has been taking over a YEAR to read it. The former guv was not popular but he was principled, and pulled no punches, naming names. I need the book so I can remember the histories of the people in Hawaii who ran for office and also to have a good laugh at what some of them are up to today.

And I will see the occasional obituary of someone like Hideto Kono, a longtime public servant and leader. He's in the book, and I met him on campus when I was in grad school. He asked where a building was, and I told him I was going that way. I looked at him, and said, "I recall you were in government." or something like the local equivalent: "You SOMEBODY!?" He shook his head, no. Then I told him to go right, as I continued on.

I need the book to remember the good words written about a good, humble man.

I need my own books so I can mark them in ways to show I have read them - though I don't remember all the words - and refer to them, like the old friends they become. Old, abused friends!

(Edited 1/31/2011 for typos!)