Friday, December 23, 2011

My Husband Looks Like Someone Else, Part Three

And apparently, so do I.

But first, the DH. Two nights ago we had just walked into the Blaisdell Farmers' Market, when a nice lady said to my husband, "How you? You still walkin' your dog." DH: "I'm not who you think I am. I've got a cheap face!" Lady: "Wait, you gotta nice face." DH: "I don't have a dog!" Lady: "Oh, sorry. You have a nice evening!"

We could not stop laughing! This is the standing joke between us. I have started calling the DH "Blooks" in honor of Brooks Takenaka, of Hawaii Fishing Agency. (I'm just teasing him!) And sorry, Brooks, my husband is better looking!

About 2 weeks ago we were at a casual wine and cigar event when a woman I'd never met introduced herself and asked if we'd met at another gathering at a resort down the coast. Uh, no! We don't smoke $30 Davidoff cigars or drink single malt Scotch! I have never tasted Lagavulin or Laphroaig, and only had a taste from a bottle of Glenfidditch that someone else bought. No, thanks - too rich for my blood!

So, I told her that must be my doppelganger (double) - swanning around smoking Opus X and swilling Scotch!

But, I wonder if she's having as much fun as me?

Friday, December 16, 2011

What I'm Reading - December

Skellig by David Almond. Looking forward to reading his Mina. We are who we are because of events, ideas and impressions that formed us when we were young.

Skellig is the unhip archangel Michael who changes the young protagonist's life forever. All we're asked is whether we can believe.

See Lives to Eat for a very different book!

What are you reading?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Otis Redux

When you haven't seen your neighbors for a while, you start to think of the worst, especially if they're aging.

Florence, the cat lady, was in the hospital, then a care home, according to Kim, mommy to Otis, She is 82 years old and was still out feeding the cats twice a night - at 9 pm and 2 am. Crazy! Even the Manicured Librarian is asleep at 2 am!

So Kim and Butch, Rosie's father, have stepped in to help. But I'm sure they are not out at 2 am!

Rosie, my husband's gf, has been ailing, so whenever we do see her, we are happy! A couple nights ago, we saw Butch reading an Occupy Hawaii poster on the street. He said he'd left Rosie in the car. We wanted to see her, so we all walked over together. When he opened the door, she barked loudly, scolding him! When she saw us, her tailed wagged as fast as it gets! That pretty much took all the energy she had!

Otis, too, is getting on in years. I think Kim said he's 13, so in dog years, that's 104! He's deaf, so he stares at Kim so intently his eyes water! What a character, his head tilts, and one ear is cocked up - almost as if he could hear!

Thank goodness Otis and Rosie are still with us - they are just two of the characters in our neighborhood!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A great gift for anyone

I don't usually suggest or promote things but this is such a great product!

This Contigo travel mug is advertised as keeping hot drinks so for 3 hours, and cold ones 9 hours, and we've found this to be true. I loaded mine with ice and a bit of water, thinking I'd have a cold and icy drink, but after an hour on the road, it was still ice and very little melt! Excellent product!!!

I usually put about 8 ounces of coffee into it every morning that I go to work, but it will hold 16 ounces. After an hour it's still hot, but after 2 hours, it will be warm. I can stand to drink good coffee even if it's cold, so I don't mind.

One caveat: learn to press the button BEFORE you sip, as it releases air and "spits".

Otherwise, an altogether stellar product. The lid closes simply and without fuss. Easy to drink from, a breeze to clean. I HIGHLY recommend this!

Here is the website. They have several styles and other sizes. The price listed for the one I have is $24.99, but we got ours in a 2-pack for less than that at that big box store I hate to shop in. Yes, Costco. Don't know if they still have them, but it would make a great gift.