Monday, May 16, 2011

Or is it a sea change?

He asked her why she wears men's clothes. She answered rather defensively that she didn't feel comfortable in women's clothing. It was unspoken, but I felt her disapproval of my own femininity as an almost palpable thing.

So I'm leafing through this magazine that purports to be about creativity as well as youth and sustainability and I'm confused because it just looks too slick. The reason I receive this magazine (I didn't subscribe/don't pay for it) is that I'm a member of both of the art museums in the city - that are poised to merge.

And I see her in a photo in this magazine, and she's wearing women's clothing. And that confuses me even further.

I don't judge. I DO observe and ponder. And wonder.

Has there been a paradigm shift?

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