Saturday, October 8, 2011

Two movies in one week

I'm usually not a fan of Hollywood movies.

I think they're too slick, the stories predictable, and the people too pretty.

I usually like small foreign films from which I can learn something about the culture, and indie films that are more realistic. I loved Winter's Bone and most anything the Coen brothers have done. Yes, I have a dark and quirky sense of humor.

I went to see 50/50 - despite the fact that Seth Rogen is in it. "Who was that gorilla?" asked my husband. Indeed! Rogen is actually quite good in this. But Joseph Gordon Levitt as Adam is terrific. And it's based on the real story of Will Reiser. Anna Kendrick, Anjelica Houston and Bryce Dallas Howard were good in this, too.

I'm not a fan of disease movies, either. But there is so much humor and warmth in this one. And a lot of it is about people feeling resentful of and put out by Adam's illness.

See it!

On Saturday, neither of us was very hungry at 5 pm. So, the choice of movies was between Moneyball - about baseball - or Ides of March. The showtimes for the latter worked out.

Since I don't like chick flicks, I'd never seen Ryan Gosling in a movie. He was not great, but he was very good in this Clooney-directed vehicle.

And let's just say George was very presidential.

The story had several twists. Oh, and Paul Giamatti was superb - such a great voice and excellent characterization! Philip Seymour Hoffman and Marisa Tomei were good, too.

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