Monday, May 28, 2012

It's been a Movie Month

And I love it! Yesterday, the bff and I got together to celebrate our April birthdays. I know, horribly belated. We went to see Dark Shadows, and if I'd known the soundtrack was full of 70s songs like Nights in White Satin and Season of the Witch, we woulda dragged the DH along! I cracked up when the credits rolled, and the song played was Eric Carmen's Go All the Way - I called him so he could hear it!

The movie itself was too long and there was much too much Angelique. Michelle Pfeiffer is stiff as the Collins matriarch. Johnny Depp here is a bit of a grownup Edward Scissorhands! I did laugh, but the bff said she fell asleep a coupla times. She def needs to caffeinate! We hit Nordstrom Rack & the new TJMaxx - both forgettable - and had a late lunch of gravlax and grilled chicken.

Two weekends ago, we saw Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The chefs are right, it's both inspiring and daunting. About passion, obsession, craft, aspiring to be shokunin. See it! My only question: does Yoshikazu dream of sushi or of fast cars?

Before that, we saw Boy by Taika Waititi. I love most the movies which show me different lives, cultures, ways of thinking. This movie is about a small village in New Zealand in the 1980s. Funny, charming, with heart. I recommend it.

There are movies the bff and I don't agree on. She wants to see The Road, the horror movie from the Philippines. Not for me! She also wants to see Prometheus - so do I! It's Ridley Scott!!! LOVE Blade Runner! That's our movie pick for next month!


  1. Will have to see Dark Shadows after hearing your take on it. I watched the original soap back in the day. It was campy. One of my good friends in elementary school was from New Zealand. That movie sounds good too. I need something to DISTRACT me around here. Take care.

  2. Gf said she'd go home from school for lunch, watch the soap, and not go BTS! Slacker AND TRUANT! I would watch it once in a while, thought it was corny. Hope you are OK, Terre.