Sunday, September 16, 2012

Joy of Living

in a condominium


We came home to find a puddle of water outside our kitchen window. Of course we checked to see if OUR plumbing was leaking, and NO, it isn't. Then we realized the water was dripping from the top of our window frame, which means it's coming from above, and it's inside the wall.

Yes, TWO DAYS LATER, it's still happening. I know for a fact that plumbers do work on weekends. From the building manager, we learned the occupants she contacted are renters; hopefully they've talked to the owner of their unit. Hopefully the owner isn't an absentee landlord. Meanwhile, the leaking goes on, all the way down to the parking lot.


In other news, the Topless Neighbor has been sighted. No, she wasn't topless. She was walking down the street, away from me. Wearing clothes.

Sign posted next to an apartment building: "PICK UP YOUR DOG POOP". The fact that you even have to put up such a sign speaks volumes, doesn't it?

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  1. Sigh... we have the same problem in our neighborhood. Makes me crazy.