Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Husband Looks Like Someone Else

His name is Brooks Takenaka, and he is a marine biologist and assistant general manager of the United Fishing Agency, the fish auction in Honolulu. 6 days a week, fishermen bring their catch to the facility at Pier 38 off Nimitz Highway in Honolulu, where buyers gather and visitors gawk. I have never been able to wake up early enough to see this - the auction starts at 5:30 am!

Here's a look at Brooks.

Nice-looking man, but he does not compare to my husband, who is a lot handsomer, and has a much nicer voice!

Why do I think he looks like Brooks? I DON'T! Still, every few months, my DH will hear someone call, "Brooks." "Brooks?" "BROOKS!" He'll look around and behind himself, but the caller is looking at HIM. This happened just a few days ago, in the supermarket when he was buying papayas. I think he told the fellow he IS better looking than Brooks. (No offense, Brooks!) This has happened at the mall, and at events we've attended, so obviously other people think he looks like Brooks!

And one of his friends was at an event and was upset when he called my husband's name and the fellow didn't answer. Maybe HE was Brooks!?

Do you have a doppelganger? Tell! Another physical version of yourself, somewhere in the world. I am discounting the idea that this is an evil twin, but that there are only so many physical variations, so that there has to be some repetition out there.

Yes, I know we all like to think of ourselves as special and unique, but just as you've figured out a new hairdo, or feel comfortable in some new clothes, someone says, "You look exactly like my cousin on Maui." This from a nurse practitioner who was taking my temperature; with the thermometer in my mouth, I was helpless to reply that I don't think I have relatives on Maui or that they would also be hers! A couple of years ago, my then-doctor said I look sooo much like her best friend on the Big Island, Hawaii. Granted, folks in the health care field see a lot more faces every day then the rest of us, but still...

Since I was a preteen, I've been told there are Others in the World Who Look Like Me. Maybe someday I'll get to meet them!

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