Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's Up with THAT? - Things that Make You Go HUH???

Why do the dang neighbors above us keep dropping things? It doesn't matter what room I'm in, one of them is directly above me, dropping what sounds like a lead pipe! It does look like they are moving out, but it's taking much too long!

If you bring your lunch in an insulated lunch box, why do you still need to put the entire large, trunk-size thing in the refrigerator? Because of this, there are times when I can barely find a spot to put my little sandwich in its Ziploc bag.

Do you remember The Rules of the Road? The basic ones, like the yellow light means you should stop at the intersection, instead of accelerating so you can beat the red light (but you don't). And that pedestrians have the right of way - if the light is green for them, you should let them cross instead of gunning your engine, hitting the gas and barely missing them!

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