Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About my husband's girlfriend

Her name is Rosie, and she has the brightest eyes. She may have a better wardrobe than me - a lot more sweaters, for sure. She gets SO excited when she sees the DH.

Her favorite foods are cantaloupe and fried chicken skin(!)

Usually, when she sees the DH, she ignores me. But sometimes she'll sniff at him and lift her pink ears. He's REALLY hurt when this happens, and she wants to lick my hand instead of his!

I jokingly told him Rosie is his girlfriend. Now, if he sees her across the street, he tells me, "I have to say hello to my gf!"

Rosie is a Maltese of a certain age, and her parents usually wheel her around either in a baby stroller, or her own buggy with a canopy. I wasn't even sure she could walk until I recently saw her on her own 4 feet.

I guess you can call this Dog Story 2.

Dog Story 3 to come...


  1. Listen, if I can make someone laugh - besides myself - I'm on the right track!