Monday, January 31, 2011

Otis but no Milo

Who hasn't seen the film about the adventures of those two?

The first time they passed me, I hissed: "Leash law!" DH reminded me of this a few days ago. That was before we realized Otis could not possibly pounce on anyone, and you would feel his slobber on you way before he was anywhere close to biting you.

Otis is attracted to the DH, and his statuesque owner tells us this is because her father used to smoke cigars. (When we are out for a walk, DH inevitably has a cigar along for the stroll.) I hope this is true, and that it's not because DH resembles the aforementioned father!

Like his movie namesake, leashless Otis shuffles along like the seasoned pug that he is, and his most endearing trait is that he tilts his head and cocks his ear when he looks at you with those soulful eyes. I will say the only time he's more interested in me than in cigar-scented DH is when we meet up on the street after we've had an alfresco picnic dinner in the park.

This has been the final post in a series of three.

Dog Story 3

BTW, my hidden talent is animal impersonations, and I do a terrific "Otis" - if I do say so, myself. When I do this, the DH laughs out loud, which is my goal. And my true aim in life.

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