Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Recurring Dream/Nightmare

Proof that life/reading/anxieties all influence my unconscious!

I don't remember details; I do remember I was on a trip and staying in a room with two other people I didn't know at all. My luggage was searched and it was discovered that I had a device of some kind that was contraband. The travel part is recurring, and at its most benign, the dream is that I haven't packed comfortable shoes or enough clothing!

In the most recent nightmare, we were in China, and closely watched. Don't know how or if I got out of that situation!

But, here's evidence my reading does affect my dreams/nightmares.


  1. Unsettling dreams for sure. I think you need to read something lighthearted and fun to take your mind off these other types of things. Take care.

  2. TaryTerre, mahalo! I'm so paranoid, I know.