Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Topless Neighbor

Yes, really!

Since I'm occasionally awake at 2 am in the morning, I get to enjoy the neighbors above us, who are playing bad (OK, may not be bad, just not to my taste) music. I am not quite WIDE awake, but I can hear they are partying. Last night there was some kind of hammering of metal on metal going on at 1 am. And I can often hear high heels clacking down the hallway.

Ah, the joys of condo living!

No, I have not seen the neighbor topless. Or bottomless, for that matter.

The DH has. One afternoon he came back from taking a cigar for a walk, when he happened to glance up at the stairs. The neighbor who has a cab driver pick her up was casually sitting at the top of the stairs of the top floor.

Completely nekkid on top.

Poor DH does not want to be in the same elevator with her. He was driving up our street when he saw her coming up the sidewalk, and was visibly shaken. He calls her the "Weirdo".

I've never seen ANY of our neighbors naked.

Except the Complaining Chicken.

Even Rosie the Maltese wore clothes!

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