Monday, April 23, 2012

Kenny Endo & Part Four: My Husband Looks Like Someone Else

No, my husband does not look like Kenny Endo. The Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble was presented by the Young Adult section at Hawaii State Library this past Saturday for a performance as part of National Library Week. This was an energetic, 45-minute taiko drumming set, and we had over a hundred attendees - you should have joined us!

We only found out that my husband - who was taking photos - Looks Like Someone Else when one of the taiko ensemble members asked to take a photo with the husband. He looked at her in surprise, and she rather shyly said, "Because you look just like my father!" The husband did not know whether to be embarrassed or shocked! Now I'd like to know what the father looks like!

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For another great library program, please have your teen children, neighbors, relatives come to Hawaii State Library on Saturday, April 28th at noon for an informative program on the ABCs of credit by Rodney Kimo Wong from Bank of Hawaii. Hope to see you there!


  1. They say everyone has a twin somewhere out there. Apparently your husband looks like more than one person. LOL My husband has been mistaken for others too. Good Luck with your program. take care.

    1. Poor guy - this is happening more often. I'd really like to see what these guys look like! Funny about your husband!