Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doggone it!

When I leave for a walk around my neighborhood after dinner, I usually take the stairs. I go past the open door of the single guy in the 1BR - sometimes he bakes cookies! I pass the elevator and trash chute, go beyond the closed door of the mystery neighbor 1BR single guy I've only seen twice since he moved in months ago. On past the 2BR open door of the cops with his and hers SUVs; the DH says the guy cop is retiring soon. In an aside the guy said, "After 5 years retired they usually die." Aiyah! A grim prospect. Once we were in the elevator; I saw he had McDonald's. He said, "Salad. SHE requested it!" OK!

The last unit is a studio with a single guy. Last week I went past his closed door and it BARKED at me. I looked and saw this.

About barking, the description says "not every time somebody walks by!" Maybe. It's barked twice at me, and not just "Arf", but "ROWFROWFROWFROWF!!!" loudly.

Note that it comes with a "wardrobe", so I can look forward to seeing different "outfits" for Easter, July 4, Halloween, Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas.

Tell me what you think of this, as I just may be in the minority! Then I will describe what he had on his door for the past holiday season.

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