Monday, March 21, 2011

A summary of Japan's recovery efforts and information, and a Honolulu connection


I was looking for something else among my own bookmarks, when I found this link. It will take you to the Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance. The Center is mandated by Congress and reports directly to the "US Pacific Command (USPACOM), which oversees US military forces and (the) US Department of Defense.

This is their mission: "Educate, train, conduct research and assist in international disaster preparedness, disaster mitigation, disaster management, disaster response, health security, humanitarian assistance and societal resiliency."

To that end, they also gather information and research situations.

Take a look.


Make that a Honolulu Magazine connection. It's been just ten days since the earthquake and tsunami. Major media is now focused on the US and allies' bombing of Libya, and Japan has been relegated to page 2. Hawaii has very long ties with Japan. My grandparents came here at the turn of the century to work on sugar plantations on the Big Island, Hawaii. They stayed, and had children (my parents) who benefited from the GI bill, got an education, went into business and helped educate us, their children. Others came to Hawaii later, whether for school or work, and stayed.

This woman is in Sendai now, taking care of her ailing mother, but she usually lives and works in Hawaii. Her husband is the publisher of the magazine, and this blog is part of that online presence. It documents the family's experiences and concerns, all the way from Sendai to Hawaii. Start at the end to read chronologically.

We are such a huge world in some ways, and so small in others. And so connected.

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