Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Already gone to the dogs

You've already met Otis and Rosie, even the doggie doorbell, but there are other neighborhood dogs we see almost every night. For lack of knowing their actual names, we have given them nicknames.

There are Mutt and Jeff, so-called because of their size disparity. They are both poi dogs - of indeterminate breeds. Mutt is tan, lanky and loping, and Jeff  may be a sixth of Mutt's size, tiny and white, his legs moving like a cartoon character's, trying to keep up. Some nights, I can't even see Jeff, as he's hidden behind Mutt and their owner!

Then there are Naughty and Nice, two golden retrievers who are more beige than golden. That said, their names give away their natures. Naughty is always muzzled, and Nice is not, but also very curious.Some nights, we call them the Good, the Bad and the... erm.

There is Unwrinkled, or you might call him Permanent Press. When I first saw him, I didn't realize he is a Sharpei, as he has very few wrinkles left. The DH tells me this happens as they age.

The cute beagle is walked by the almost-as-cute owner. Boy, was he spooked by last year's Halloween display in a nearby apartment lobby. He would NOT walk past this building! I mean the BEAGLE! If the next seasonal display features bunnies for Easter, that may cheer him up!

The new dog in the neighborhood is a black and white pit bull. But, lady, who was leading who? You have to show him just who is the Alpha Dog!

I have actually seen one CAT on a leash in my neighborhood. Not lately, so she just may have escaped!

Then, too, there is the cat lady, a story for another time.

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