Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I like the way they sound

I like words. The whole family does. We have a recording of The Son about age 2, asking DH, "Daddy, pwease dwaw dubba-you!" (W). I think he may just have wanted to SAY (W), too. He likes words so much, we shipped 400 of his books to Minnesota, where he's going to school!

I recall having dinner with the DH - I think we weren't married yet, and it was in a restaurant that was a train car. I had to look up the name - it was Victoria Station - it went bankrupt in 1986. Back on topic, the gist of the entire evening's conversation was thinking up words for "derriere"! (Now you're making your own list, right?)

DH loves to do crossword puzzles and is very proud of figuring out a recent NYT crossword with 3 or more palindromes (words that are spelled the same forward and backward). The word "kayak" is a palindrome.

But he will never live down the word jumble where he wrote in "snewy". I'll tease him about that now and again.

We were talking about which cigar a friend likes best - the stogie-smoking regulars could not remember. I said, "Illusione!" They asked, "How DID you remember that?" I just like the way it SOUNDS!

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