Monday, June 13, 2011

Watch out for the furry vermin - Part Two of What the Don't Tell You in Library School

When I got to the desk in the early afternoon, Rey, the security guard, told me there was a trail of droppings in the next room. As they clean the library in the morning BEFORE it opens, it meant this was FRESH!

No, they don't tell you in library school that you'll be visited often by those four-footed critters! To be fair, any public building that's at least twenty years old is bound to have this type of problem. It's just a bit disturbing to see those spring traps so close to the kiddie-size chairs and tables, even if the custodians put them out of sight before the library patrons come in.

And it's chilling to know the rodents are now brave enough to be out and about during daylight hours!

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