Saturday, June 18, 2011

What do you do for a cold?

No one has yet invented a cure for the so-called common cold?

Instead of writing up a booklist, manning the reference desk and recording summer reading program logs or counting the crowd at storytime today, I called in sick.

I'm keeping my running nose, sore throat and irritating cough to myself!

The husband just returned with half a gallon of OJ and a packet of Hall's Defense Vitamin C lozenges. (Good stuff - no menthol to further irritate your throat.) Well, he had to buy milk for himself anyway, and we were running low on eggs.

There's also throat spray on the counter. I've given up on cough medicines - they don't work for me. I was so stuffed up and sinus-headache-y yesterday that I resorted to taking a Sudafed. (Isn't it insane how they make you sign your life away for 24 of these little red tablets?) And I hate the side effect of post-nasal drip!

As soon as I get off the computer, I'll swig a glass of OJ with an XS acetaminophen tab (lingering-headache-that-came-with-this-cold) and head to bed for a morning nap. Nap, even though I had EIGHT+ HOURS of sleep last night. I usually run on six. Or more frequently five!

Two days ago, I already felt under the weather, and was fighting this, so I dragged myself - and DH - to Bac Nam for Kimmy's Pork & Shrimp soup. My medicine! It made me feel better, but I didn't know I was already on the way to a full-blown cold. : ( When we got home, I made a thermosful of hot green tea for our walk, and packed some seedless li hing mui to add to it. I'll bet the saltier, more sour version would have been even better! Ume is also great in hot tea. Kathy of A Passion for Food has a Vietnamese version here.

Yes, I know chicken soup is the usual answer for a cold, but I do not feel like chicken soup. If it weren't so creamy, and if I were up to it, I'd whip up a pot of my quick laksa - fragrant and spicy soup with chicken broth, fat shrimp and coconut milk. Add cilantro and lemon, and at least, it'll alleviate the blues! In my nap, I'll dream of this!

What do you do when you're just feeling under the weather, or to feel better from a cold?


  1. I also had a cold this week and nothing seemed to help. I took plenty of hot baths with mentolyptus bubble bath, applied lots of vicks vapor rub and slept a ton.
    I find it funny how you commeneted on "signing your life away" for the drugs. I am from Canada and we don't have to do that here. Not knowing this policy existed I has a hard time at the pharmacy on recent trip to the states when they would not accept my ID to let me buy cold medicine. I eventually got them only after my friends also showerd their ID, and verified that I was actually from Canada. It was a nightmare!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Mahalo, I am feeling a bit better! My nap was only 45 min. bcs a recurring dream about walking on an endless beach - it was beautiful, though! - startled me awake. I coughed so much, though, my voice is 2 octaves lower!

    I understand that pseudoephedrine can be used to make crystal meth, but aren't those involved in illegal things smarter than signing their own name and real ID? Canadian thinking sounds more logical to me!