Sunday, September 25, 2011

Part Three: What's Up with THAT, or Things That Make You Go Huh?

Ladies, do you have this problem?

Sorry, men with long hair might well have this problem, too!

My hair is long enough to gather into a ponytail with one of those spirally things, and when I'm cooking, cleaning, washing or even WRITING, I need to clip my bangs back with a little clippie thing.

Yes, those are the technical terms for those!

It took experimenting to find spirally and clippie things that would not leave bends and dents in my hair. I laid in a good stock of them, enough to put one in each room. But,


Of 5 spirally things, I can only find 3! Out of 6 clippie things, I only see 4 at any one time.

Where the heck ARE they?

I've already bought another set of spirally things - the idea of having only 2 on hand is too scary to pursue!

Do they all hide in one place, or each find somewhere specific and special?

Do tell!

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