Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September: What I've Read/Am Reading

Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt. A teacher sees the potential in a student during the Vietnam era. The DH liked it, too. I told him it was because he had a teacher like Miss Baker.

Ooka the Wise by I. G. Edmonds. Judge Ooka cleverly decides cases ranging from his grandson fighting with a playmate to who should get the last horse - or whether the principals should divide it!? Entertaining.

Bokuden and the Bully adapted by Stephen Krensky. Based on a real samurai sword master, who wins by NOT fighting. Gotta love it!

Tasty Baby Belly Buttons adapted by Judy Sierra, with great illustrations by Meilo So. A feminine version of Momotaro. Our heroine pops out of a melon, and she gets a chance at ogre-fighting. The onomatopoeia - like "tontoko, tontoko" and "boroboro" - all too funny!

Ghost of a Smile by Deborah Boehm. Yes, I'm on a Japanese obake/folktale kick! This one is set in contemporary Japan, at that place where the spirits meet modern men and women - and some of them get it on! Some repetition and scenery chewing, but enjoyable for the most part.

Getting ready for an anime program, and reading Nemu Nemu by Audra Furuichi.

UPDATE: scratch Nemu Nemu, we have a different program presenter.

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