Thursday, September 8, 2011

Part Two of My Husband Looks Like...

Yep! Someone Else.

We were in the supermarket the other night. He was doing his part in the shopping ritual - checking the eggs to see that none were broken. He noticed someone was watching him, and as he wheeled his cart away, an older fellow approached and asked if his name was Tamanaha.

"No," said the DH. "Was my good buddy from small keed time." (This is the local patois, pidgin English, for those of you not familiar with Hawaiian Creole English. Long may it continue. It's the spice in our speech!)

"But, you not Okinawan, eh?" the fellow added.

I asked if the friend, Tamanaha, might have been the odd hairless Okinawan? I guess I have to 'splain that Okinawans are from the southern part of Japan, and are usually hairier than the other Japanese.

OT : the DH and I were talking about Salma Hayek in the movie about Frida Kahlo. Both lovely, talented women, but Frida had a unibrow AND a moustache. She could very well have been Okinawan!

Takenaka, Tamanaha, and a student calls the DH "SomethingSaki"! Is there no respect?

We were at the Blaisdell Farmers' Market last night, and it just occurred to me that the Farm Bureau woman might have been talking to us so familiarly NOT because we're there at least every other week, but because she might have thought the DH was the fish man, Brooks Takenaka???

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