Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Reading & Gratitude

I started the month by reading the entire series of books by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler, a young adult series of novels about the famous Judge Ooka and his fictional adopted son, Seikei. Several of these were good, one not worth reading, the others okay. Ask me in the comments if you want to know which ones to read.

While looking for books on being grateful for my visiting children's classes, I found one for myself. I found 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life inspiring. (Though not inspiring enough -yet! - to write the several thank yous I should!) John Kralik was an attorney whose firm was not doing well. He started by examining his life, deciding to be grateful and write a first note. This led him to write one to his own son - but when he realized he didn't have his address, he called him. They had lunch together, and his son handed him an envelope. It was repayment of a loan.

Unreal! Any parent of adult children will realize that you write off loans you make to your children as noncollectable! If this payment was not enough to save his business, it did something for his soul and morale.He was determined to write 365 for the year. It took him 15 months, but changed his life.

I told the class of 5th and 6th graders who came (who were FORCED to listen to me! LOL!) about the book. They were disappointed (yeah, right!) I wasn't requiring them to write 365 thank yous. I did indicate they should give thanks when appropriate, and that they might start a tradition at Thanksgiving, of each family member saying what they were especially thankful for.

Of course, they were more interested in hearing about the books on magic, ghost hunters, baseball, and 100 most amazing things than that book. The bee plight book didn't grab them, either. If you want to know the titles of any of those, tell me in the comments. I have a poor memory for song titles, names, and unfortunately, book titles!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and tell me what you are grateful for.

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