Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More on Bad Neighbors

First, I am losing a GOOD neighbor. His landlady wants to move in, and after he leaves she is redoing the kitchen. Which means I sure hope it's not on Wednesday, my usual day off.

I don't know why, but another neighbor was in his unit when we passed his on the way to the elevator. She took my DH aside. He later told me all she did was complain about HER bad neighbor. There was talk of that neighbor "spying" on her.

When neither of them can say good things about the other, they are BOTH probably bad neighbors, and we are NOT going to be taking sides. Which is what they want! Wake up, smell the coffee, and grow up!

I am too old to stomach this type of drama!!!

Read here and here and here about my own bad neighbor experiences. And YES, the vomit cougher is back. But I think she had a talking-to, and was told to put a lid on it, or at least put her hand over her mouth!

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