Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where to "Go" in Downtown Honolulu

I was sure I wrote about this. Maybe not.

The library is one of the few places to "go" - potty, that is - on this end of town. For that reason, it is, unfortunately, sometimes abused. Here's what you can encounter in the women's restroom. The men's has been worse - one morning, the DH was helping with a program and couldn't "go" bcs a disturbed person had "gone" all over the men's - floor, commode and walls!

The custodians - a crew of saintly men whose patience and fortitude is tried DAILY - had to hose down the entire room, sending patrons and staff to the second floor.

Then there was the time when the men's was shut down for DAYS bcs someone had broken the counter and sink - JUST avoiding damaging the plumbing. Why? Bcs they COULD.

The other restroom nearby is at City Hall - but, like us, only open when business is conducted.

In the heart of Honolulu, Macy's is the restroom haven, but I admit I've used the men's there when the women's line went almost to the sales floor. No, there were no men in there, and a woman guarded the door as I did the same for her. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

But before Macy's opens, I've seen a woman pulling down her dress after relieving herself in a doorway near McDonald's. And now you know why downtown Honolulu smells like urine!

So it is with great relief that we welcome the first public restrooms in HNL's Chinatown, at River of Life Mission, on Pauahi St. Well, actually it's the second. If you ask nicely at the police substation, you can use their facilities.


Yes, there is always an exception!

They are only open 10 am to 9 pm.

And only on the weekend.

What's up with that???

In other toilet news, Starbucks baristas staged a mini toilet revolt in NYC!

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