Friday, February 11, 2011

There is no end to what I don't know

To put a dent in that mountain, I'm reading the philosophy volume of "200 ideas you really need to know". It came as a box set at Borders.

Aside: is Borders really dying? I hope not. I prefer them to Barnes & Noble.

Since there are 3 other books in the set, there are actually only 50 ideas I really need to know in this title. The book introduces philosophical topics ranging from knowledge to ethics, aesthetics and more by presenting them in a brief but concise way.

Here's the Amazon listing. The other 3 books in the set include mathematics, religion and physics. The one I'd really like to read next is on economics.

What's interesting is that my doctoral-student son saw this and immediately wanted it. It's a summary of the big ideas, all in one place. I told him I'd give it to him when I'm done.

I'll send it to him in the next care package, along with the somen, tsuyu and Hawaiian Sun juice packets.

Saturday update: a newspaper article this morning confirms that Borders is on the verge of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Here's a WSJ online article with more details. Pity. And no, I don't own an e-reader. See here.

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