Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm such a city girl that wildlife always excites me!

As I type this, it's raining somewhere on Oahu - this is according to my Google desktop toolbar. I heard ominous thunder a while ago, and before that, when we went on our after-dinner walk, there was scary lightning in the sky.

On our way home, we saw our favorite bird, the Fairy Tern, a white tern - in Hawaiian Manu-O-Ku - alight in a tree. The probable reason I find it attractive is that it looks like it's wearing eyeliner. It also has a distinctive long black beak and forked tail.

Saturday, we'd gone up to the North Shore to the Waialua Farmer's market, then eaten sushi and poke at Haleiwa Beach Park. We spotted a pair of these birds with very distinctive yellow chests, greenish backs and red beaks guarding a nest in the branches above us.

Later, we walked along the retaining wall above the beach and I pointed to green Hawaiian sea turtles close to the shore. As we got closer, people on the beach below us were a mere couple of feet from the turtles. They were too intent on their own concerns to listen to us pointing to the creatures close by who were feeding on seaweed. My favorite memory is a wave picking up a turtle as it moves legs and flippers and "surfs".

I'm such a city girl that wildlife always excites me!

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