Monday, February 28, 2011

I didn't win

I entered the contest to guess the Oscar - Academy Award - winners this year. They were actually quite easy to predict. From best picture to supporting, my picks were all correct. But I got the tiebreaker wrong: I chose The Black Swan for Best Cinematography instead of the actual winner, Inception. The Black Swan dance sequences were both dizzying and stunning.

Did I see all the nominated films? Of course NOT! I did see and appreciate The King's Speech and The Black Swan and Winter's Bone. That last film was SO un-Hollywood, which is a good thing in my book. I love foreign films, and indie ones, and this was more like an indie.

Here's an example of a dichotomy in tastes: my brother was incredulous that I enjoyed Run, Lola, Run and O Brother, Where Art Thou (even though he rented the latter!) Lola was so creative with its animation and the music and hijinks in O Brother were hilarious. His pick for a good movie was X-Men (I thought it was OK.)

I did see Inception, which was visually fantastic, but the plot had holes in it that were big enough to disturb me. Winter's Bone is worth seeing: GO AND RENT IT! The SA nominee, Jennifer Lawrence, is marvelous in it. John Hawkes is also compelling.

The Fighter is a film I haven't seen. Melissa Leo is such a chameleon (read: great actress) she is probably deserving of her Oscar.

I didn't win, but I came close! Did you guess the winners correctly?

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