Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday Storytime

It went well. They paid attention. I wore a hat of my own (which makes me look like one of the mushrooms in Fantasia) and went through an oversize photo book on hats - that was the theme. Miss Melissa did a clapping rhyme. Hey - it was SATURDAY, and I can barely wake up, much less WORK!

Thank goodness this is so fun it's like play! Then I changed into a beret and read Caps for Sale - also oversize. Miss M did a rhyme about 5 monkeys and an alligator (Actually TEN, but it would have taken too long!) They were still paying attention, so I read Don't Touch My Hat.

The craft was bunny visors - fun and we had a few mutants - the DH came and took photos. We had 39 folks - almost as many adults as kids, and even one of the librarians from the 3rd floor came and did the craft! 

Someone I used to work with just butt-dialed me a little while ago. She said she is back in the classroom and loving it. I had to admit to her the kids in my first class visit - 2 and 3 year-olds - were pretty irresistible. Half of them wanted to hug me as they left. Even the little boy who had Kleenex up both nostrils. I didn't think I would, but I am having so much fun being a children's librarian!

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