Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When ok neighbors turn BAD, or THIS MEANS WAR

Yes, I wrote about when bad neighbors turn worse, but who thought I'd be writing THIS?

The DH overheard the noisy neighbors above us complaining about the smells from our next door neighbor. He has FIVE cats in his studio apartment. Since we rarely linger on our lanai (porch) except to put laundry in the dryer, and remove it, we don't usually experience those.

But last week, I came home, opened my lanai screen door, and saw a CAT sitting there, LOOKING at me. I LOST IT and yelled, "There's a fat CAT ASS sitting on my lanai." The DH ran out, but it was long gone. I said it would only be a matter of time before we saw cat shit out there.

Unfortunately, I was right.

Today, I came home, slid open the screen door again, and saw a honking TURD right in front of my lanai living room door.

Worse still, the DH found two more in front of the second bedroom door. 

Oh, and it gets EVEN WORSE.

One mess was DIARRHEA. The other mess, I now realize, was VOMIT. With bird bones and feathers in it.

My first reaction was to want to put this in the neighbor's mailbox, but that would have required too much contact, instead, I wiped all of this up, except the stains, put it in baggies, wrote a note with a Sharpie marker, photocopied it, and taped the entire mess to the neighbor's door. I could not even remember the neighbor's name, I was SO UPSET!!!

I have not looked for it - I'm too rattled with finding ALL OF THOSE OTHER MESSES - but there is probably CAT PISS on my lanai, also. sigh. UGH!

No more Mrs. Nice Guy, THIS MEANS WAR!

No, I tried animal repellent before, and it sickens me. Now, I'm looking for CAT TRAPS and ANTI-CAT ACIDS administered through a SUPERSOAKER pistol. And I'm usually a reasonable woman. Until and unless I find shit and vomit on MY property.

OK neighbor turned BAD neighbor keeps the cats on HIS side of the wall, they don't get hit!

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