Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unhappy with Unbelievable EUTF dealings

The DH made a change in the way payment to our HMO is handled, so that it's done pre-tax, and therefore, costs us less.

However, no change is painless. I had a routine diagnostic procedure in February, and kept receiving bills for this for two months. As soon as the cashier at the clinic saw this, she asked me if I usually pay $$$ for this. I replied that I only pay $$. She told me to have EUTF fax evidence of which group plan we belong to, and that we have kept up with payments. She said this in such a matter-of-fact way that it led me to believe our case was one of many she encountered.

This is simple and a no-brainer, as it's deducted from the DH's pay. I don't know how much plainer to put it than: "fax evidence of which group plan we belong to, and that we have kept up with payments", but it took TWO MONTHS to resolve this. First, the DH spoke to someone on the phone, who said he would investigate and call back. After two weeks of NO CALLBACK, DH emailed a detailed account of dealings and non-reply so far. After another couple of weeks of NON ACTION, he finally received a response TODAY. They apologized and said they had originally sent Kaiser the WRONG information on our plan, which was why we were charged for the procedure, and to ignore any statements for that charge.

Can you say UGH?

How many folks paid for procedures that are actually covered by their plans? How many were less persistent and gave up trying to straighten things out? Why must such a small change turn into such a long-running problem?

I have no answers, only questions, apparently!

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